Jun 6, 2013

almost normal.

Hi friendlies! I feel like I am sloooowly getting my life slightly more organized and used to this new schedule I've got, so hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly soon. Right now, by the time I get home, cook dinner and get my lunch and clothes ready for bed, it's lights out. And not to mention, I have required reading after work that is sooo fun. **insert eye roll here...** 

Anyways, here's a quick recap of my life over the past few weeks!

The baby brother graduated from high school!
B came to visit for graduation.
My present to myself for starting my new job.
Another benefit of working in the country...a nice drive!
Part of the scenic drive to work.
Little bro was in the newspaper!
Got to meet this little cutie!
The littlest baby bunny ever in our back yard!


  1. Gotta love working in the country!! :)

    1. Yes, I love it! It's so nice driving away from Atlanta everyday instead of towards it like everyone else!!

  2. Such pretty pictures of your drive! I think it is so important to live somewhere beautiful!
    Stopping by from the Blog Hop! New Follower :)
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

    1. Thank you, I agree completely! It just makes you happier! :)