Meet PG in the City

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

I am a mid-twenties post-grad girl, and I seem to be a little lost in this big ol' world. (That kinda sounds like a line from a song...and it's so cliche...oops.)

But seriously, my life seems to be in a state of constant change right now. I have finally, finally, got a full-time, grown-up, big girl job! It has been exactly two years since I graduated college, and I thought this day would never come. I have had multiple internships (some during, some after college) that I definitely thought would turn into jobs. But no luck. And I have been on countless interviews. But now I am officially an Account Coordinator for a marketing/PR firm, and I couldn't be happier!

I am in love with my best friend, B. I know that sounds so cliche, but it's so very true in our situation. He was my best friend for about three years before we both finally got brave enough to reveal our feelings to each other, and it took even longer to get brave enough to start a relationship. 

I feel like I personally am changing as much as my life is, too. I feel like I am finally becoming the adult version of me. I still have a long ways to go, but I am learning to just be me. To have my own opinions and beliefs, and stand by them without fear of what others think. To be comfortable with my body (ok, still working on that one...) and my appearance. To be [slightly] more financially independent than I was in college. And I know there's a lot about myself that I still have left to figure out, but I am finally starting to understand why people say that your twenties is really when you start discovering yourself, and the adult you are going to be.

And finally, here are some of the other random things that just make me, me:

I love [to dream about] traveling.

I have trouble putting down a good book, no matter what I should be doing instead.

I am a whiskey drinking girl, and if it's not on the rocks, I prefer it mixed with sweet tea.

I love sports of all kinds, and love shocking the boys with my knowledge and my ability to throw a nice spiral. College football is by far my favorite sport, and if you're a fan of the SEC, you know why! (GO DAWGS!)


  1. Yay for another whisky loving girl! Just found your blog and love it!

    1. Us whiskey loving girls are special! :) Thanks for following!!

  2. Saw you were following my blog so I figured I'd check you out :) loving it so far! New follower!