May 10, 2013


Y'all, I have a confession.

I am not celeb-crazed.

I don't follow them much, I don't have favorites (or most hated), I can't put a lot of their names together with their faces.

I'm weird, I know.

I feel like being super up-to-date on all things celebrity is pretty much a necessary requirement for being a good blogger. And I never realized till recently how bad I was at this.

The ugly realization occurred a few weekends ago when we got on the topic of my friend's 'top 5.' She whips out her phone and proceeds to show me her Pinterest boards for each of her top 5 celebrity crushes. Then she asks who my top 5 were... You should have seen her face when I said I don't have a top 5. Or a top 1. Or none...

Now for all of you who are celeb-lovers, thank you. I promise I read your blogs and follow you on Twitter and you teach me things. I mean, the little bit of celeb news I do know, it's because of you. So I'm not completely celeb-ignorant.

I mean, the tweet from Robin Williams comparing Mrs. Doubtfire to Kim K. at the Met Ball? AMAZING. And the updates on each time Miley or Amanda does something a little crazier than before? Thank you.

These things make my day, and y'all pretty much narrow it down for me so that I only know the really good stuff worth actually knowing.

I'm going to work on my celeb knowledge and see what I can do. I guess I should probably start watching reality tv more...

....just kidding, that's probably not going to happen!

But ya know what is going to happen? I'm going to link up with Whitney again. Because it's Friday. Which means we should all be ready to #backthatazzup.

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