May 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans...and day 1 of my new job!

I'm writing this post tonight like a good little blogger because I know I won't be able to do it tomorrow morning.


Because it's my first day at my new job!!

I am finally getting excited and nervous, and I should seriously be asleep right now because 5:30am is going to come so early.

So, while you're looking at all these pics from my weekend shenanigans, send some good thoughts my way that this first day is going well!!

one. attempted to tint some mason jars...not too sure about the outcome, so I think I will be trying it again.

two. ella has grown so much since we saw her about 2 weeks ago :(

three. tinted jar chandelier at breakfast friday!

four. b was still adjusting to the jet lag, and woke up at 5am friday, the day after getting back from europe. how does he make it up to me? by taking me to get possibly the best breakfast in athens (at 7am...)

five. lots and lots of mama's boy coffee was required after getting up so early.

six. baby ella bella learning new tricks.

seven. spent a little time on the lake friday and saturday...while the weather cooperated.

eight. ella is working on her modeling portfolio.

nine. seriously though, how perfect is she?!

How was your weekend?!