May 13, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Mother's Day Edition

This weekend was pretty boring, which seems to be a trend for me right now. B is still in Europe, so I stayed home all weekend, spent lots of time with my family, and continued recovering from this strange virus/bug/sickness thing I've had. I also worked my last weekend ever (I hope!).

Friday - Mom usually works from home on Fridays, so we got to hang out, then we went shopping and ran errands for most of the evening.

Saturday - I worked promos, then met Mom for a mother/daughter Mother's Day dinner at church.

Sunday - Sunday morning we went to church, then we worked in the yard all. day. long. My little brother graduates from high school next week, and we're having a low-country boil and pool party next Saturday to celebrate. My parent's have spent the last several weekends getting the yard, pool and house ready for the party, and just for summertime in general.

Collage I made for my mom on Sunday.

1. Peony and rose bouquet from all of my Mom's pretty plants. She has a green thumb, I have a black one. That's one trait of hers I really do wish I'd gotten...

2. The pool quickly turning blue after loads of chlorine. It was greeeeeen just two days ago!!

3. My step-dad putting the gazebo together as I gave him directions...that was an interesting experience. (He doesn't take direction well...ha.)

4. Lots of pretty planters my mom and I worked on. Our house and yard is covered in plants everywhere. I tried to do the same thing when I was in college, but I killed everything. Oops.

After working in the yard all day, my step-dad grilled ribs and veggies and we had a nice Mother's Day dinner...then we all passed out. 

We are a super exciting, crazy family y'all.


  1. Low key weekends are the best. Sometimes, you just need them!

    1. You are so right! I am getting ready to start a new job, which I am afraid means my weekends won't be so low key for awhile!